Why understanding your competitors' top fans will help you grow your business

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So, your business is growing, and you decided to start promoting on Facebook. You have some insights from your community, but it’s not enough. Not so many reactions, comments or shares to your page posts. Facebook already gives you this information.

How to zoom in into the most active fans from your competitors' Facebook pages

  • First thing first, create a FREE account to Socialinsider - an awesome tool for Facebook Analytics which help you understand what your competitors do on Facebook, and most important how people react to their digital strategy.
  • Add unlimited pages to your account: your top competitors, industry influencers and let the product crunch the data for you.
  • Go to the Active Fans module and activate it for each page. It may take a while until you find the active fans of your competitors, but worth it. Grab a coffee and come later to get all the info needed.

Ok, so now you have the top fans in your dashboard for each page.

Why is this an awesome thing?

These top fans are the most active users from the last 30 last from your competitors' Facebook page. They shaped your competitors’ communication, they already expressed their feelings regarding some specific business aspects, they shared your competitors’ content, and some of them are in line with your competitors’ brand values.

Such a great source of inspiration for your next Facebook campaigns.

1. Get the angry fans from your competitors Facebook page

Learn from your competitors why their community reacted with such a negative attitude. Is there a product update which caused them problems? Is the price too high? Is your competition responsive on Facebook?

Add a mar-care-ting layer to your community and try to avoid your competitors’ mistakes.

2. Get the fans who created with wow

Your competitors are doing a great job if their community responds with such inspiring words and emoticons. Try to wow-ing your community and be inspired by your competitors.

3. Find out who reacted with LOVE

From my perspective, brands which promote “Love” as a value will get lots of “Love” on their pages. People get emotional when you share touching stories or images with love, protection, nurture. Try to have a deep understand on these human traits and adjust your campaigns.

4. See who reacted with HAHA reactions

HAHA may have two ways of using. The community will use an ironical HAHA to your competitor's pages, so be careful what type of posts they shared. An ironical HAHA may suggest a lack of trust about your competitors business.

Another way of using HAHA on the Facebook page it happens when your competitors share funny stories, meme, .gifs or other representative emoticons. Always correlate the data with the Facebook page' goal.

5. See who reacted with SAD reactions

When brands share or post some sad news about their industry, people will share their empathy. So, pay attention to what type of posts were displayed by the competitors.

Also, sad reactions suggest that people are disappointed with the brand’s promises. Always, correlate the results with the type of posts.

Socialinsider reveals all these insights for any Facebook page.

Report and analyze social media performance for multiple business profiles from one dashboard with Socialinsider! Create social media benchmarks for your clients or industry, generate .pdf or .ppt reports, and automatically send them to clients. - *For users on an Agency plan.

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