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Social Media Data That Will Change Your Marketing Game In 2024

Laura Dascau
Laura Dascau
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The world’s population raised to 8 billion and still counting. We’d think we’d have more of everything, as more and more people gain internet access and own personal social media accounts.

However, the values of social media metrics are not directly proportional to the increasing number of people out there.

Social media data proves that users are more keen on exploring brands that rely on solving their problems while also telling them a nice story. However, faking to tell a story via an ad is highly overlooked.

Therefore, the message you let through should not be too salesy.

Do you wanna know where do we get all that from? It’s social media data. Today we’re going to learn all about it, what it is, how to collect it and why it’s important.

Social media data that you need in 2023

1. What is social media data and why is it important
2. What social media data you should track
3. How to track social media data
4. The most crucial social media data from 2022 that will set the tone for 2023

1. What is social media data and why is it important

Social media data represents all the information you can collect via social media networks about your industry, prospects, followers and audience.

This data shows how your followers interact and engage with your content on social media platforms.

All the metrics and statistics that sum up as your social media data tell you a lot about your brand’s performance on social media platforms.

The social media data you should certainly look at periodically includes:

  • comments
  • likes
  • shares
  • mentions
  • hashtag usage
  • URL clicks
  • new followers

If you’re wondering why it’s important to collect social media data, we got you covered.

The answer couldn’t be any simpler. Every marketer needs social media data in order to develop a social media strategy and well-targeted social media content.

Based on data retrieved via social media analytics , you can plan away your next step to make sure you keep up with your prospects and audience’s desires.

2. What social media data you should track

When it comes to social media data collection, you have to carefully choose to focus only on what’s important and brings value to your research and work.

Gathering mounts of social media data about every little thing cannot only be tiring, but also too much (this being the nicest way to say “useless”).

Focus on social media analytics that bring valuable insights about your audience to help you better craft a successful social media strategy.

Make sure you develop social media data collection about:

  • demographics data (age, location, etc)
  • brand sentiment
  • best time to post, depending on the times your audience is most active
  • engaging hashtags
  • the type of content your audience prefers, depending on every social media network
  • the problems your audience confronts with
  • the organic posts that should be boosted
  • the posts your followers most engaged with

When you start using a social media analytics, like Socialinsider, to get a deeper meaning about your content marketing strategy and how it works, you should look at metrics like:

  • engagement
  • reach
  • video views
  • impressions
  • follower count and follower growth

3. How to track social media data

Now that we got a grip on what social media data is and what you should look at, it’s time to learn how to collect all these pieces of information.

We’ve briefly mentioned social media analytics and social media analytics tools that can make your work much easier.

First, you have to establish a structure to follow and everything will ran smoothly.

1. Establish your main KPIs

You already know that every social media platform has certain metrics that measure your campaign’s performance. Sometimes it may be exhausting to follow each and everyone of them.

And to be honest, you don’t even need to keep an eye on ALL of them. Make sure you list which are the most important KPIs for every social media network and check them periodically.

The values of your metrics also depend on the goals you have. It may be that on Facebook you want to increase reach through your content, but on TikTok your aim is to increase the follower count.

Do what you have to do to achieve different goals on different social media platforms, meaning designing well-researched content for each and every one of them.

Avoid cross-posting, since your audience on Instagram might not be the same with the one on LinkedIn.

After you establish what your key performance indicators will be for every platform, start worrying about the metrics’ values.

2. Track particular metrics individually on every social media platform

Depending on the social media platform you are promoting your brand on, you have to keep tabs on particular metrics to make sure your social media campaign is efficient.

You can either choose the in-built analytics available for every social media platform or you can rely on a third-party analytics tool that can show you data for every social media account you have.

LinkedIn metrics

What social media data you can get from LinkedIn using Socialinsider

By accessing analytics, you should take a look at the most important metrics, namely:

  • Engagement
  • Impressions
  • Followers
  • Interactions
  • Clicks

Instagram metrics

What Instagram data you can get using Socialinsider

When it comes to Instagram, the social media metrics you should periodically look at are:

  • Profile visits
  • Impressions
  • Total Reach
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Posts saved
  • Followers growth

TikTok metrics

On TikTok, users seem to be some kind of champions at scrolling, since they don’t usually have enough patience to complete a video and pass right to the next one.

What TikTok data you can get from Socialinsider

Since your main purpose is to keep them interested and make them watch more of your brand’s videos, it is time to develop catchy video content and also periodically check the following TikTok metrics:

  • Video views
  • Link clicks
  • Follower count

Twitter metrics

When it comes to Twitter, you have to make sure you develop engaging Tweets to stir conversations and make users curious about your services and products.

What Twitter data you can get using Socialinsider

While navigating on Twitter, you should regularly check metrics like:

  • Link clicks
  • Engagement rate
  • Tweets
  • Mentions
  • Followers
  • Profile visits
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Tweet impressions

Facebook metrics

On Facebook, most users pay attention to video or image posts. Besides taking care of complaining your audience’s tastes, you also need to look at metrics’ values.

What Facebook data you can get using Socialinsider

To do so, you need to you Facebook analytics to look at:

  • Engagement
  • Impressions
  • Page likes
  • Post reach
  • Reactions

3. Use social media analytics data to decide on your next steps

After you have thoroughly analyzed social media metrics on the platforms you are interested in growing, it is time to use the social media data you’ve retrieved to adjust your content.

The values of your metrics will tell you what you have to do to alter your marketing strategy in order to trigger better results for your campaigns.

An analytics tool will certainly help you gather the social media data you need to get better from your marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that your brand awareness and reputation also depends on how you interact with your audience.

The way you talk (in DMs, comments or replies) with your followers also influences the values of your metrics.

Make sure you offer a fast solution to every query that appears in order to help your customers.

The social media data you get through analytics will also show where your website’s traffic is coming from.

Once you learn that, it is clear that you have to increase the number of posts on that particular social media platform.

4. The most crucial social media data from 2022 that will set the tone for 2023

1. LinkedIn content data

LinkedIn is not only a social media platform where you connect with professionals and find new job opportunities.

For most of those who follow the right people in their industry, this network is one where you find your motivation and inspiration.

Sarah Clay

We, at Socialinsider, developed a LinkedIn study in collaboration with Cloud Campaign. In this study, we looked at 141.474 LinkedIn posts from 1.126 LinkedIn pages to find out what type of LinkedIn content generates the highest engagement.

Linkedin's average engagement rate per impression rate

This social media data helped us retrieve valuable conclusions about the favored and favorite types of content on LinkedIn.

  • Native documents

Social media data shows that native documents on LinkedIn generate 3 X more clicks compared to any other type of content.

LinkedIn's average page reach rate

The study shows that this is users’ favorite type of content, being trustworthy and thought to provide valuable data.

  • Videos

When it comes to another popular type of content on LinkedIn, namely videos, we found out that for small to middle-size accounts, they record the highest engagement by impression rate.

LinkedIn video view rate

We all know that video content, regardless of the social media platform we’re looking at, is one of the preferred types of content.

Videos attract a larger audience, especially the ones who have a narrower attention span. Based on social media data, this type of LinkedIn content managed to generate a higher interest in users. The video views rate reached an average of 14.46%.

Social media data proves that users tend to consume a lot more video content than in previous years.

However, pictures are the ones who record the highest engagement levels. By periodically performing a LinkedIn audit, you will be able to track the rising values of these important metrics for your marketing campaign.

2. Instagram content data

  • Reels

When we think about Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is the increasing popularity of Reels.

Besides the fact that more and more brands have started experimenting with Reels, while some made this type of content their top priority, social media data proves that Reels are the coolest.

Instagram Reels reach rate

In a recent study, we looked at 352.612 Reels to verify the popularity and the potential this type of Instagram content has.

The social media data we gathered proved that Reels are the most engaging type of content on Instagram.

Moreover, Reels registered a whopping video view rate of 2.54%, while the video view rate for regular videos topped 1.74%.

Instagram Reels view rate

We know that when we say video, the first thing that pops up is TikTok, the video-only social media platform that took over the internet. Before we compare Reels to TikTok videos, let’s just talk about the impact of Reels’ data in social media.

Let’s start with the most important metric. The average engagement rate for Instagram Reels is 1.95%.

Even if this type of Instagram video content is ready to dethrone TikTok videos, it seems that the value for the engagement rate continues to drop, when it comes to Reels. Guess who’s winning the video supremacy battle?

Instagram Engagement Rate by Followers by Content Formats

The social media data we uncovered shows that the success of your Instagram Reels is strongly connected to the size of your account.

Another insight underlined by our study is the average view rate for Instagram Reels that reached 2.54%, while regular videos have a view rate of 1.74%.

Since every marketer is trying to figure out how to develop videos with a huge potential to become viral, Instagram Reels bring hope to those who still don’t use TikTok.

The new study proved that Reels have impressive reach rates. Therefore, if you are trying to keep up with the latest trends and viralize your video content, try harder.

3. A comparison between TikToks and Reels

To make a better comparison between TikToks and Reels, based on social media data, we develop another study by analyzing 564,454 TikTok videos and 1,345,893 Instagram Reels.

The social media data we gathered helped us figure out which type of video content is more engaging and on which one you should rely more to increase your follower base, brand awareness and sales.

Based on the TikTok vs. Reels study, we revealed that TikTok’s engagement rate is six times higher than the one registered by Reels.

TikTok vs Reels comparison

Both social media platforms are in a challenging competition where the grand prize is users’ attention. However, these two networks work on completely different algorithms.

Another important discovery that could change the way you look at TikTok videos and determine you to start producing more is related to comments.

Comment Rate on TikTok vs Reels

Our study showed that TikTok videos get 44% more comments compared to Instagram Reels.

And we all know that when you get comments, it means that your audience is really interested in your brand, products and services.

4. TikTok content data

TikTok’s popularity and functions multiplied overtime, turning into marketers’ favorite social media network when it comes to viral content.

Now that we found out that TikTok videos rock harder than Reels, it’s time to analyze that more and go in depth, presenting the social media data of another study we’ve conducted.

For this TikTok study, we looked at 616k TikTok videos. The social media data we retrieved is game-changing for marketers who already put their brand on TikTok.

TikTok engagement rate by video views

The study on TikTok benchmarks showed that on TikTok the engagement rate by video views touched an average of 6.72%.

Another crucial piece of information we found out via social media data that we gathered was that TikTok’s average watch rate in 2022 reached 16.23%. How insane is that?

If you are still waiting to find new reasons to put up your brand’s TikTok account, we’re telling you that you shouldn’t waste any more time. Cross my heart and hope to die!

TikTok watch rate by mentions presence

If you don’t believe, I can be even more convincing than that and sell you another tip (just joking, it’s totally free).

In our study, we also found out that TikTok videos which have at least one mention get a higher watch rate.

So next time you want to post a new video on TikTok, make sure you mention who inspired you and you may even get double your number of views. How cool is that? Thank me later.

Malene Priebe

We also have tips on what NOT to try on TikTok. Our social media data showed that it is best to choose a trending audio for your video, instead of using original audio. An original song can lead to a lower average watch rate.

Influencer Marketing Hub revealed that 90% of TikTok users say that sound is the key element of the TikTok experience. So maybe you should listen (pun intended) to our advice.

Final Thoughts

The social media insights data we gathered through Socialinsider's studies helped us come up with a lot of predictions for this year.

Now the social media predictions we put together can help marketers develop better content, backed by stats and numbers.

All you have to do is use your social media analytics to periodically collect useful data about the most important metrics for every social media platform.

This way, you will always be aware of the evolution of your marketing campaigns, always changing things for the better.

Hopefully, this social media data for 2023 helped and you are now ready to re-start this year from a professional point of view, with fresh ideas and perspectives for a marketing campaign.

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