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[Study]: 101,421,493 Posts Show How To Write The Best Content On Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter In 2020



[Study]: 101,421,493 Posts Show How To Write The Best Content On Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter In 2020

When it comes to social media marketing, everyone has a favorite platform. Every social marketer is taking on a war of getting the best results on Facebook versus Instagram versus Twitter. And they’re typically succeeding on one platform more than the others.

So what if in 2020 you could raise your engagement on all three, with simple tweaks in your strategy?

That’s why Socialinsider shook hands with the content experts at Planable and set up to debunk the myths, in order to create an outline of the most engaging post and post caption on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Most experts already have an idea about which platform brings more engagement, where to post more and where to use photos or videos more. But it doesn’t mean they’re always right. Β 

Or perhaps they just might be missing one key insight to boost their engagement even further.

We took a close look at over 101 million posts from 178,463 profiles across all platforms to figure out what the most engaging posts have in common.

We analyzed the actual engagement power of each platform, the impact of different lengths of the captions, the use of emojis, the effects of asking questions, the impact of different post messages and even how special activations such as Christmas posts impact your analytics KPIs.

Download the study to learn how to write the perfect captions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter⇣

Here are some of the main things you'll find in the study:

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In this study, you’ll discover:

  • On which platform are brands more active - We find out where brands choose to be more vocal and post more, as well as the posting habits from 2017 until the present day.
  • Which platform brings the highest engagement rate per post - We look at an overall average engagement rate per Facebook post versus Instagram post versus Twitter post to see which platform has a more responsive audience.
  • What type of post works best on each platform and how long should captions be - We find the perfect combination between the length of the caption and the type of post: images, carrousels/albums, links, statuses, and videos.
  • What does the perfect post look like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - We identify the combos that bring the highest engagement rates on each of these 3 platforms individually.
  • Do emojis influence engagement on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - We look at how posts that contain emojis perform and what the optimal number of emojis seems to be
  • Does asking questions in the caption encourage engagement - We understand if asking questions actually makes your audience answer through comments and likes.
  • What types of messages raise more interactions - We take a good look at post messages from categories such as promotions, giveaways, tutorials, DIYs, events, contests.
  • How do holiday posts perform - We understand if Christmas posts bring engagement on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


  • Twitter is by far the platform where brands interact the most, but the overall engagement might be deceiving.

Brands post, on average, 60 posts per month on Facebook, 25 posts/month on Instagram, and 195 posts/month on Twitter.

  • Instagram is by far the most engaging platform, with an average engagement rate/post of 2.26%, as opposed to 0.21% on Facebook and only 0.06% on Twitter.

Although brands post less on Instagram, this is where the audience is more willing to interact with them.

  • 20.7% of all posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter include emojis in the caption and they have higher engagement rates per post.

Across the board, posts with emojis in the caption lead to an increase of engagement in comparison with posts that do not include emojis.

  • 9.8% of all posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram include questions in the caption and it leads to a decrease in engagement.

Brands seem to already be aware of the fact that asking questions on social media rarely leads to getting the answers they hoped for.

  • Perfect posts: over 20 emojis, short captions with albums/carousels or videos.

Using over 20 emojis, writing short captions of under 10 words and posting albums/ carousels on Facebook and Instagram, but videos on Twitter results in higher engagement rates per post.

  • Messages in captions: Posts about contests and giveaway are still top performers.

Posts about contests and giveaways perform exceptionally well across the board, bringing higher engagement on all 3 platforms, while tutorial posts perform badly across the board.

  • Christmas posts only perform well on Facebook - 0.35%.

Posts that include Christmas words or Christmas hashtags only have a higher engagement rate than regular posts on Facebook, while on Instagram and Twitter they bring down the engagement.

What the experts have to say about the social media content study

Miruna Dragomir, Head of Marketing at Planable:

Miruna Dragomir, Planable

Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder and Strategist at Orbit Media:

Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media

Jenn Herman, Social Media Strategist, Jenn's Trends:

Jenn Herman, Jenn's Trends

Lilach Bullock, Digital Marketing Influencer, lilachbullock.com:

Lilach Bullock, lilachbullock.com

Davide De Guz, Founder at Rebrandly

Davide De Guz, Rebrandly

If you want to take a closer look at Instagram's Engagement, take a look at our Instagram Content & Engagement study.

Here is a quick sum up in an infographic made by easel.ly.

Social media content study

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[Study]: 101,421,493 Posts Show How To Write The Best Content On Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter In 2020