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[Product Update] Socialinsider Brand Analytics

Product Updates


[Product Update] Socialinsider Brand Analytics

You've been searching and searching for a brand analytics tool for quite a while now? Then congrats, you've ended up in the right place.

We understand that sometimes you just want to see the whole picture, and that's why we created the "Brand analytics" feature.

We’re happy to introduce Unified Brand Reporting feature - an easy way to analyze and measure any brands' social media profiles in one dashboard.

This product update will save you hours!

Brand analytics is a feature that includes relevant insights to enable brand owners to make informed and strategic decisions about their product and marketing actions.

You'll be able to analyze any brand Facebook and Instagram profiles, LinkedIn page, and the Twitter account in one place.

Let's see the benefits of this feature!

Step 1. Select a project from the sidebar.

Select a project

Step 2. Go to the profile you want to add to a brand.
Step 3. Click "Add to brand."
Step 4. You can create a new brand (fill in the name and click "Add") or you can select an existing brand.

Create or select a brand

What data you'll get:

  • The total number of fans per profile
  • The total engagement per profile
  • The total number of posts per profile
the profiles you've added

Key metrics

  • Total brand posts
  • Total brand engagement
  • Total brand gained fans


  • Total fans by social channel
  • Fans growth
How your audience looks


  • Total posts by social channel
  • What changed compared to the previous period
How your posts look like


  • Total engagement by social channels
  • What changed compared to the previous period
How the engagement looks like

Most engaged brand posts

Take a look at your most engaging posts

Note! You can easily export these stats as PDF.

Final thought

With the brand analytics feature you can get a quick brand overview by grouping social profiles that you monitor.

Check it out in the dashboard and let us know how it helps you πŸ‘

If you have more questions about this new product feature, reach out to us on our live chat or via email.

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