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[Socialinsider Insta'rviews] How Instagram Helps Carmen Albisteanu Promote A Healthy Lifestyle



[Socialinsider Insta'rviews] How Instagram Helps Carmen Albisteanu Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

While most social media platforms allow you to share visual content, one platform that helps you make the most out of it is no other than Instagram.

Instagram has reached 1 million advertisers, and this number continues to grow every day. At a simple search, you’ll find that more and more brands (small or big) are using “visual content” to promote their brands and ideas and, at the same time, to connect with their prospects and customers.

According to our studies, the visual content helps you engage with your audience on a higher level.

We can say that for some brands, photos are the key to engagement.

We are going to start a series of success stories of people who are using Instagram to promote their ideas and businesses. Today, I am going to present you Carmen Albisteanu’s journey with Instagram as part of her business strategy.

How Instagram helps Carmen Albisteanu promote a healthy lifestyle

A sneak peak of the article:

👉Who is Carmen Albisteanu and what is she doing?
👉What is her blog about?
👉What does Instagram mean for her business?
👉How did Instagram change her business?
👉How many hours is she spending on Instagram preparing content and strategies?
👉What's her favorite Instagram feature?
👉What other social media platform is she using to promote her business?
👉Books recommendation

#1. Who is Carmen Albisteanu and what is she doing?

Carmen is a Conversion Rate Optimization Strategist and, when she’s not helping businesses with their conversions, she spends a lot of time running in the mountains and coaching people who want to develop better eating habits.

Carmen: I love marketing as much as I love spending time in nature.

#2. What is her blog about?

If you are passioned about mountain adventures and other types of sports you should follow Carmen. Her blog, carmenalbisteanu.ro started years ago as a marketing and communication blog but in time it converted to a sport and lifestyle blog.

Carmen: Things naturally changed as my interest towards trail running, mountain adventures and other types of sports I’ve been experimenting with grew.

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It’s been a busy year for me so far. Traveling, working and racing got me a bit tired. Especially the last two races, Cortina Trail and Marathon 3200. After the last one I took some days of from running, started roadcycling again, sleeping in late, being a tourist in Barcelona and I even went to the beach for 30 minutes 😱😂 I still feel like I need to take it easier for a while, relax, and enjoy easy runs and hikes with friends, like the one we did today. 24km with 1700m D+, but in an easy pace, taking photos and enjoying the view. I still run, but only when I feel like it and as fast as I feel like. But knowing myself, soon enough I’ll start missing the hard trainings. Not yet though. . . . .#running #runner #instarun #fitfam #trailrunning #ilovetrails #picoftheday #competition #marathon #girlswhorun #beautifulday #catalunya #serradelcadi #trainsandtales #trailrunner #runfree #runhappy #lovenature #naturelover

A post shared by Carmen Albisteanu (@carmenalbisteanu) on

#3. What does Instagram mean for her business?

Carmen: I prefer to let things grow organically.

Growing organically on Instagram may be hard, but using Instagram ‘bots’ can actually result in restricting the visibility of your content, limiting your account or – even worse – disabling your account altogether.

Carmen is growing her page organically and she is using her Instagram account to direct her followers to Facebook where she is posting almost every day about her passion.

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#4. How did Instagram change her business?

In Carmen’s case, Instagram has brought her closer to people. People who want to see that behind all those beautiful landscapes, Carmen is a real person not a machine. She is using Instagram to share her mountain adventures and give people some ideas for excellent routes to hike or run.

She wants to inspire people to go outside, in nature, and as well to offer some inspiration and information regarding a healthy nutrition.

#5. How many hours is she spending on Instagram preparing content and strategies?

Do you know how much time you spend scrolling through Instagram or watching cat movies? When you have a business and you want to promote it, time is essential.

Carmen does not have a strategy so far, but when she is posting something she is thinking about her followers, and she is asking herself “what would my audience like to see?” This is one big step.

When you don’t have a clear strategy, as in the case of Carmen, what you can do is to think of your audience, and then you’ll know what to post.

Carmen: "I post content that I like and I think my audience will like."

#6. What’s her favourite Instagram feature?

Like most social channels, Instagram is packed full of features. Since its launch, this platform has added many features that marketers benefit.

When it comes to features, Carmen prefers Instagram Stories, and sometimes she thinks she's abusing it.

Currently, this feature is used by businesses to enhance their visibility and engagement. Brands are using Instagram Stories to generate user-specific content to interact with their audience, increase their engagement rates, website conversions, leads or sales.

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#7. What other social media platform is she using to promote her business?

Social media is the collective of online communication channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.
When it comes to social media, as a nutritionist, Carmen is using only Facebook and Instagram. These two channels are helping her to promote her ideas visually.

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#8. Books recommendation

Whether you’re dipping into a new social media platform, getting your mobile strategy on track or wondering how to get more people to follow your Instagram, marketing books are your solution.
Keeping up with the industry news and blogs posts are helpful, but if you want to get in-depth information, reading the top marketing books is still one of the best ways to do it.

For Carmen, "ReWork" and "How to Build Websites that Sell. The Scientific Approach to Websites" are the favorite books.

Carmen: I really liked ReWork and I think it greately influenced the way I think about marketing, selling, and working in general. And when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization, the book that I learned most from and I can totally recommend to anyone in this field is Peep Laja’s How to Build Websites that Sell. The Scientific Approach to Websites.


Final thought

The way to make Instagram work for your business is to focus on creating long-lasting visual experiences. In other words, sharing beautiful photos and creating appealing visual assets with a human touch could be the way to go for your business.

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[Socialinsider Insta'rviews] How Instagram Helps Carmen Albisteanu Promote A Healthy Lifestyle