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[Insider Insights Podcast] The Power of Facebook Ads for Your Brand

Insider Insights Podcast


[Insider Insights Podcast] The Power of Facebook Ads for Your Brand

In this episode, we will talk about Facebook Ads strategies, so if you want to learn how to advertise on Facebook in 2021 - this episode is a must.

My guest for today - Chase Chappell
Chase is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, founder of Chappell Digital, and a wizard to make things happen for his clients.

Chase started in Facebook ads five years ago, when he founded Chappell Digital and developed a data-driven Facebook ads methodology that has consistently generated results month-after-month for his clients all across the world.

Listen to this podcast on:

Facebook Ads strategy

On this episode, you’ll learn:

What to listen for:

  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [1:43] How did you start your jouney?
  • [4:30] Why Facebook Ads?
  • [6:00] How did you develop the marketing strategy that brought you Fortune 100 Clients
  • [10:00] What are the most essential aspects of Facebook Ads?
  • [12:40] Which type of Facebook Ads performs better?
  • [15:22] How to choose the right objective when placing a Facebook Ad?
  • [18:30] About the Facebook Ads limit
  • [20:40] Ingredients of a successful Facebook Ad campaign?
  • [25:28] Most common mistakes brands make regarding their Facebook Ads strategy?
  • [27:28] Number one trend that marketers should not miss in 2021
  • [30:00] Metrics you should follow
  • [31:42] If you could teach me 3 things about facebook ads, what would you teach me


Chase Chappell Agency

Chase Chappell on social media

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[Insider Insights Podcast] The Power of Facebook Ads for Your Brand