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A Complete Guide To Instagram Nametag Feature

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A Complete Guide To Instagram Nametag Feature

Instagram rolled out a new way to easily follow people you have interacted with in real life called nametag.

The nametag feature functions by displaying your username on your smartphone in a format that enables it to be scanned by individuals who want to follow you. This can be customized with stickers, colors, and designs.

Similar functionalities are also present across various social media networks including Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Users generate QR codes for other people to scan and easily find their accounts.

In today’s article, I deep dive into how to create a nametag for your business profile and how to use this feature to increase your followers on Instagram.

Let’s start by looking at how you can create your nametag.

Instagram nametag guide

Everything you need to know about the Instagram nametag feature

πŸ‘‰ How to create a nametag
πŸ‘‰ How to grow your Instagram followers by using the nametag
πŸ‘‰ 6 creative ways to use the Instagram nametag

#1. How to Create a Nametag

The nametag is available world-wide and is accessible on both Android and iOS.

Creating this customizable identification card that allows users to scan using their Instagram app so as to find your profile and follow you is very easy. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps we have listed below.

Step 1. Open your Instagram App on your smartphone.
Step 2. Go to β€œMy Account” by hitting the Profile Icon at the right-hand side in the tab section near the bottom.
Step 3. Then tap the Hamburger Menu in the top right-hand side corner.
Step 4. Tap the choice labeled Nametag.

If you do not see this option on the menu, Instagram might not have yet enabled this feature in your country or for all customers in your region. If that’s your situation, there is nothing you can do about it other than wait for it to appear in a few days or weeks.

How to create a nametag

Step 5. You are now in a position to customize your Instagram Nametag to your taste, preference, and likes.

Note that you can’t customize your nametag from the site interface.

Now you are good to go. Tap anywhere on your phone’s screen or simply click the button at the top to get a ready-made design. Select the color button to switch between various colors, Emoji button to choose your favorite emoji design or Selfie button to capture a photo and try out the provide selfie stickers.

Step 6. Save your nametag card on your iPhone

Save your Nametag card

After having to create your nametag, the next thing you might want to do is to grow your followers. How do you go about it?

#2. How to Grow Your Instagram Followers by Using the Nametag

It is too early to determine if Nametag feature will catch on or simply be there like some features… like IGTV. But in case people start to use it like they did Snapcodes, there are dozens of places you can easily share your nametag and grow your Instagram followers.

To begin, if you are running an online business, you can share your Instagram nametag on these places:

  • Image to one of your Pinterest Boards – This will enable all the people or customers you invite to see you and be your Instagram audience

  • On LinkedIn – LinkedIn will enable your business partners and professionals to connect with your through Instagram once they scan your nametag.

  • Facebook Business profiles – This free business page is accessible to people around the world and they can easily see your Instagram nametag if you share it here.

  • Facebook group and start a thread – Also, you can share your nametag on every Facebook page that you are a member and even start a conversion with members and request them to follow you on Instagram by scanning your nametag code.

Additionally, if you are running a store or selling physical goods, you can print your Instagram nametag and use it on:

  • On your business cards – You can distribute these cards to different people, such as customers, suppliers, and visitors, and request them to scan the code.

  • A big poster to have in your store – Here, people visiting your store will easily scan your nametag from the poster and become your Instagram followers.

  • Poster and have it at pop-up events – This will work just like the big poster on your store but now it will not be at your store but at a different business or party event.

Nametag can easily help you grow your Instagram followers through both online and offline ways. You only need to share your code with people. And the best part, if people accept to follow you, your instagram audience will grow immensely.

Instagram nametag feature

#3. 6 creative ways to use the Instagram nametag

The way you can use your Instagram nametag can only be limited by your imagination. You can use it to promote your business or even just get more people following you on Instagram. Some of the most creative ways to use this feature include:

  1. Test an exit event on your website with the nametag card.
  2. Cross sharing your clients' name tags on to their Facebook pages to cross-promote and get the connections going from FB to Instagram.
  3. Add it to your chatbot.
  4. Use it a screensaver on your phone when attending conferences and invite other people while networking to follow you or your business.
  5. AirDrop your nametag to iOS devices at conferences especially if you're one of the speakers.
  6. When attending to conferences invite people to scan your nametag to receive a freebie once they access your link in bio.

All these creative ways of using your Instragram nametag can help you to promote your business. With more exposure, you are assured of getting more clients, making more sells, and growing your profit.

Final Thought

The Instagram nametag is a great feature for offline events where people can use it as a business card.

It is also a great feature for use it across various social media network and it can enable you to connect with your real life friends easily. The tool follows the same rules as direct messages, meaning that users can accept or decline any message sent through this feature, especially for people you don’t follow.

Your turn. Have you started using the Instagram nametag for your business?

*πŸ“Έ photo credit: @dudek

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